As a rule motorcycling has a name for being fast and noisy but competitive motorcycle trials are neither. There is no speed involved and the machines are very quiet compared to motocross or racing.  The bikes are very low geared and it is the skill and balance of the rider which plays the greatest part.

We are one of several clubs around the country associated to the Autocycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA) catering for riders from the age of six up to about seventy years of age or more and of all abilities from novice to expert. Competitions are run on private land and there are usually about fifteen 'sections' marked out in woods, through streams, over logs, up banks and rocks etc.  The riders attempt to ride through these, between markers, from the 'Section Begins' to the 'Section Ends' cards without putting a foot down or stopping. There is an' observer' on each section who give penalty points for this and the rider with the least marks in his ability class at the end of the trial is the winner of that class.  There are various routes in the section marked by different colours ranging from very easy to expert.

Clubs such as ours usually have several friendly landowners who let them use their land once or twice a year. However, we are always on the look out for more land so if anyone out their has a piece of rough ground we can use please contact  us. Please do not ride on any public ground, see our Trials Training page for information on Training and Practice.   We are also one of a group of clubs in North Kent who take it in turns in running Beginners & Wobblers’ trials


If you require advice on the type and size of motorcycle most suitable to you there are some specialist trials motorcycle shops around (see our Links on the home page) who would advise you on this and the type of clothing you require. The essentials are boots which cover the ankle with commando style soles, an open face helmet and gloves.


NB. There is information regarding engine sizes for youth riders on our Join us page.

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