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The next OWLS trial is the Captain’s Trophy Trial at

Bowen’s  Farm, Penshurst

on Wednesday 27th December starting at 10 am

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We wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


We had our annual jolly get together at our usual venue of The Kings Arms in Westerham and there were just over thirty members in attendance. The meal was very good and plentiful and the only hiccup was not having the milk and sugar ready on the table to go with the coffee. The milk eventually arrived in a huge jug to be passed around and by the time the sugar arrived too the coffee was cold!  Still, the food, drink and the company was very enjoyable so a good evening was had by all.

Photos here in Gallery  (taken by Dave Hood)



We had another of George’s brain busting quiz nights in November and Kevin,who set us some posers this time, really tested us as the winning score was only 10 ½ out of 17 points!  It was the oldest pair, Ray and Kay, who were the winners and they received prizes of various owls from George. Well done George for an enjoyable evening.  

Our next social event will be our annual Darts Night in January. More information later.


There was a distinct lack of support from club members at our AGM with only twenty two members attending out of about two hundred!  Where were you all?  As we have said before, we need more of you younger members getting involved with the organising or you will have no more OWLS club once all us olduns have gone.

So come on please give us your support!

George Osborne is our new President and the Committee more or less stays the same although we are still in need of a new Editor.  It is likely we will have to revert to a different Editor each month until we have a permanent one established. We would appreciate it if any of you could volunteer for one month.   James Hickmott will process all the new copy in future so all contributions to the Owler should be emailed to him at

OWLS Officers and Committee members here

Any contributions for the Owler magazine should be sent to Peter Sharman by the 18th of each month please so that everyone can receive a copy by the beginning of the month.


Some of our social events are held at The Ightham Club which is based next to Ightham Village Hall, Sevenoaks Road (between Tylers Rest and The Old Forge) in Ightham village just round the corner from the George & Dragon pub. Go in under the height barrier and right round the back to the car park and up the steep steps