1. The Club shall be called the OWLS MOTOR CLUB LTD (Oxted, Westerham, Limpsfield, Sevenoaks) and the club and its officers and members shall foster the encouragement and protection of motor cycle interests including associated sporting and social activities.

2. The Club’s activities shall be operated through a limited liability company (OWLS Motor Club Limited) with five shareholders each of whom shall hold one share in trust for the members. The shareholders shall be directors of the Company and one of whom shall be appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and one other shall be appointed Company Secretary.

3. Directors of the Company can be appointed or removed at any time by the Committee of the Club or by the members of the Company at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. Officers of the Company are entitled to attend any meetings of the Club’s Committee in a non-voting capacity (unless they also hold a position on the Club’s Committee when they shall be entitled to their normal voting rights as a Committee Member).

4. The Club may from time to time organize social events, tours and competitions which shall be open to members of the Club and other clubs and guests where invited by the Committee except where otherwise stated. All motorcycle sporting competitions shall be organised in accordance with the rules and regulations of either the ACU or the AMCA as applicable.

5. The Club shall be a members’ club and its activities shall be conducted independently of any personal interest.

6. The Club shall be governed by a Committee consisting of a President, Chairman, Hon.Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and such other officers as the Club in General Meeting shall decide, together with seven ordinary Committee members, of whom three shall be re-elected for a further term at the Annual General Meeting. The election of Officers and Committee members shall take place at the Annual General Meeting as provided in rule 10. In the case of a vacancy occurring during the year, the Committee may co-opt a club member who may stand for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting. The President shall remain in office for a term of two years.

7. The quorum for conducting business at Committee meetings shall be seven members including a Chairman. In the event of deadlock the Chairman of the meeting shall exercise a casting vote. Any Committee Member failing to attend three consecutive meetings without satisfactory reason as determined by the Committee shall cease to be a Committee Member.

8. If a member is nominated for membership of the Committee and he/she accepts the nomination then he/she shall declare any interest which he/she has in any other club with similar interests.

9. Vice Presidents, Honorary Members and Life Members may be elected at the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee. Such recommendations will normally be for special or long term service to the Club. The Committee may also recommend the removal of Vice Presidents or Honorary and Life Members if they consider it right and proper so to do.  

10. The Annual General Meeting of members shall be held in November each year on a date and at a venue to be set by the Committee.  At least fourteen days notice shall be given to the members by publication by the Secretary in the Club magazine and posted on the Club website. The Notice shall contain an agenda of the business to be discussed which shall include the election of Officers and Committee Members and the approval of the Club Accounts for the year ending 30th June. Nominations for the election of Officers and/or Ordinary Committee Members, which shall be notified to the Secretary, shall be opened from the date of the Notice when all such nominations shall require the names of a Proposer and Seconder each of whom shall be members current at the date of the Notice.

11.  No member shall be elected to the Committee or appointed a Director unless he/she has been a member for at least twelve months and has attained seventeen years of age.

12. The Committee shall not make any modifications to the rules of the Club nor approve the relocation of the Club headquarters without the approval of the members of the Club in General Meeting.

13. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members shall be called by the Secretary in the following cases:

a. Upon direction of the Committee, or

b. Upon a resolution being submitted to the Committee signed by one-fifth of the membership with a request for it to be placed before the membership in General Meeting.The Committee will request the Secretary to publish a notice containing the resolution in the next issue of the Club magazine and upon the Club website giving in both notice of the time, date and venue of the Extraordinary General Meeting which shall be held no later than one month from the date of publication.

14. The quorum for Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting shall be eleven members. The Chairman of the meeting shall be the President of the Club who shall decide upon the time allowed for the quorum to be measured which in any event shall be no later than one hour after the time given in the Notice of the meeting.  In the event of a voting deadlock the Chairman of the meeting shall exercise a casting vote.

15. The Committee shall have the power to make such By-laws it may consider necessary for the good governance and order of the Club, providing such By-laws shall not conflict with any of the rules of the Club. All such By-laws shall be posted in the Club magazine and the Club website.

16. All applicants for membership of the Club shall be approved by the Committee and shall serve a probationary period of membership for two months during which time his/her name will be published in the Club magazine. During the probationary period an applicant shall enjoy all the benefits and obligations of membership following which he/she shall, unless his/her application has been rejected by the Committee, become a full member.

17. All applicants under the age of sixteen shall upon acceptance by the Committee as aforementioned be admitted to the Youth Section of the Club when they shall be required to comply with the regulations of both the ACU and the AMCA with regard to Youth classes.

18. The Committee may at its discretion grant Day Membership to riders for the purpose of competing in nominated Club events.

19. Membership subscriptions will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting and the approved rates published in the Club magazine for:

a. Adult membership

b. Youth Membership

c. Life Membership

d. Day Membership

Annual subscriptions shall be payable in advance on 1st January. New members whose applications are approved on or after 1st July shall pay half the annual subscription.

The Committee, on receiving information in writing that a member has been unable to pay his/her subscription owing to illness or unforeseen circumstances may, at the discretion of the Committee, remain a member.

20. Membership shall cease in the following circumstances:

a. Non payment of subscription within three months of the due date

b. Upon expulsion by the Committee

c. By resignation of the member

21.  In the event of a dispute involving the interpretation of any rule or regulation of the Club, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

22.  In the event of a serious breach of the rules and/or regulations of the Club, the Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel from membership any member in such breach. In the event of a member being, in the opinion of the Committee guilty of conduct which the Committee may consider prejudicial  to the good name of the Club or motorcycling and such member fails to provide a satisfactory explanation, he/she may at the discretion of the Committee be cautioned, suspended or expelled from membership of the Club.  No member shall be suspended or expelled without first being called before the Committee and given a full opportunity to explain his/her conduct when a majority of two-thirds of Committee members present shall be required to confirm such suspension or expulsion.

23. No participating member shall overtake the Club Captain or such other leader on an organised road event.

24. A member may personally introduce guests at the clubroom at a charge to be determined by the Committee and notified to members. No member may introduce more than two guests at any one time. The guest(s) and the member shall sign their names in a book kept for that purpose. These conditions shall not apply to the wives, husbands or partners of members whose admission shall be subject to such regulations as the Committee may make from time to time. Members must accompany their guests during the period of their stay in the clubroom and shall be responsible for the actions of their guests. The following shall not be admitted as visiting guests:

a. Former members who have been expelled

b. Persons who have been nominated for membership and rejected

25. All members who make unnecessary noise or cause nuisance at or associated with any Club event will be liable to be brought before the Committee under rule 22.

26. It is a fundamental condition of membership that all members shall comply with the Club rules and abide by the rules and regulations of the ACU and AMCA where applicable.

27. Upon winding up or dissolution of the Club the remaining assets of the club shall be distributed in the following order:

a. Settlement of outstanding creditors

b.  As determined by the Members in General Meeting


 Note:  “ACU” shall mean the “Auto Cycle Union”

“AMCA” shall mean “the Amateur Motor Cycle Association”

The “Company” shall mean the “OWLS Motor Club Limited”

   12TH November 2013